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Use our software to print powerful QR Code based "Punch Cards".

Punch Cards

Punch Cards

QR Loyalty Cards are a modern take on the traditional "Punch Card" system

Our QR code provides your business with the means to connect your Loyalty Card program to a centralized database; which in turn enables you to access features unavailable using traditional punch cards; without having to use special and expensive cards and readers.

QR Code Powered

Punch Cards like you've never seen before.

The QR Code enables your business to use inexpensive mobile technology to do far more with your Loyalty Program than ever before; including the ability to track your program activity and ROI.


Your customers use their cards in much the same way they always have; and "punching" a card with a mobile device is similar to using a hole puncher or stamper; your employees will need little training.

Tech Savvy Customers also have a mobile punch card option that allows them use their cell phones as their Punch Cards.


Customers can be rewarded for doing things that traditional Punch Card systems can't reward people for.

Things like visiting your business every day of the week, bringing friends, and sharing your Specials and Events on Facebook.

QR Loyalty Cards provides your business with access to a much more effective Loyalty Program; together with insightful reports and analysis.

Mobile may be the future, but the present should include cards.

Loyalty Programs that require customers to download an app or scan QR Codes may be missing out on potential customers that are less digitally proficient.

Our free software makes it easy to create a Program that uses both beautiful paper punch cards and feature rich mobile punch cards.

We also provide paper/plastic cards and more as part of our Full Service Package.

You know that Punch Cards bring customers back;

but traditional Punch Card systems have severe limitations. We take Punch Cards to a whole new level.

How are these better?

... Or at least; you think your Traditional Punch Card system works well; but you actually have very little data as to how your cards are being used.
How many people are participating? How many outstanding punches are there? Which of your employees encourage the most customers to participate? How much does your Loyalty Program cost you and what's your ROI?

Another issue with the traditional punch card is that it is limited to encouraging a very specific behaviour: the buy 10 get 1 free behaviour. Which is unfortunate because there are several other behaviours that businesses would also like to encourage in their customers.

QR Loyalty Cards solves these issues by using 2D bar codes (QR Codes) to connect cards (and customers) to a live database. This connection allows the QR Loyalty Cards application to collect far more data about how each card is used. Data that can be used to provide access to detailed analytics and reports that can help you to understand exactly how effective your program is and what you can do to improve it. Data that can also be used to reward customers for exhibiting behaviours that increase spending and grow your customer base. For example: your business can reward customers who visit every day of the week, who share one of your specials or events on Facebook, who bring a friend, or return after a long absence.

Employees punch cards in much the same way that they always have, except instead of using a hole puncher or dabber, they use a mobile device. The Interface is extremely simple and almost entirely automatic.

QR Loyalty Cards have many features; including a mobile punch card option where customers can turn their mobile devices into their punch card, a Coalition Loyalty Program where business can create joint Loyalty Programs (e.g. Dinner and a Movie) or offer rewards for businesses that don't have rewards that they can provide themselves, and timely ads pushed out to your customer's mobile punch cards as well as your company's Facebook feed.

The software is free; and has a built in card designer that your business can use to upload card designs and download ZIP files containing a bundle of custom print files and printing instructions. QR Loyalty Cards also offers a Full Service package where your business can have the cards designed and printed for you; as you enjoy expert loyalty program support and advice.


QR Loyalty Cards also provides a Full Service Package; if you don't have the time, ability or desire to design your own cards and ads, and you want expert help with running your program.

As part of your service package we will print and ship you your customly designed cards, as you need them. And our professional and creative designers will not only help you design cards you'll love, but they'll help you get the most out of your Loyalty Program, and engage your customers in all new ways.

The Full Service Package is (and will always be) completely optional and all Loyalty Program features are available to businesses who pay nothing.

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Whether you are just getting started, a business owner who needs to administrate your account, an employee who would like to log in to punch cards/redeem rewards, or a customer and you would like to view your punches and access special features; Start Here!

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